The Anti-Yoga Book

The Anti-Yoga Book is a five foot book that takes something supposedly calming, serene and helpful, and twists it into something dark, creepy and somewhat humorous. From the outside, the real contents of the book are hidden, which creates surprise when the true nature of it is revealed by turning the pages. Each page has a description of a yoga pose where only words that are negative or that have to do with the body are not crossed out. By making the book five feet with varied facing pages and smaller text within the pages, viewers must now maneuver around by constantly walking to a position that allows them to read and view each page. The turning of the pages also forces the viewer to utilize their entire body. These characteristics make the viewer work hard to see what is inside the book, which speaks to a true part of yoga, which is making one’s body work hard to achieve results.

3.3ft x 5ft